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Kids are the purest form of us, they are us yet so unlike us..full of curiosity, innocence, joy, love, peace, sparkle in their eyes and they are so full of life - they are a miracle of life unfolding right in front of our eyes, they are life itself! They make our world magical, they are our precious, our special ones, our lil angels, our Lil Starz, and how we sometime wish they wouldn’t grow up so fast, but they do! lol!  My objective is to freeze a few moments of your Lil Starz life through my lens that you can cherish forever…

Lil Starz


The Starz


The pictures taken by Pradeep are just lovely...! His patience with kids and his dedication to capture the exact expression and a perfect shot is really great...He did a great job and has captured precious moments beautifully which we can cherish for the rest of our lives...

- Bala Bhat

The Shooting Star

A student of Life and photography.. they say your first 10,000 photographs are your worst, thankfully my worst is over! hehe :) The world through a camera lens looks quite different from the human eye, it can have crystal sharp focus on what we want to see and blur everything else into oblivion making the photograph a more powerful expression of how we see the world..


Well, I am in love with the way these photographs expresses views and it gives me immense joy to view the world through those lenses. This initiative is to share that joy with you and your loved ones - If my captures bring you smile - i will feel I have accomplished what I set out to do in this journey...


With love ... 


Pradeep Pavithran

+91 988 120 9975

Viman Nagar | Pune | Mumbai | India

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So How Do We Shoot the Starz

You invite me over at your home or we go out to a location that your Lil Star enjoys - even more fun! 

 I get to play with your Lil Star and my lenses for a few hours :) 

 Priceless expressions of your Lil Star captured while the Star is sleeping, playing, dancing, singing, drawing, painting, dining or just looking at you with love! 

So, just leave me a message and I'll be happy to call back and set up our rendezvous! :)


Leave me a message

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